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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Moneys exchanged are for my time as a companion only.  No other activities are inferred or implied.
  • 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the appointment.
  • Payments are accepted in Cash, PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, Visa, Mastercard, or AmEx.
  • My rates are non-negotiable
  • Please have the donation ready and available upon my arrival without my having to ask for it.


My rates can be found on my engagements page

Cancellation Policy

Life can be unpredictable.  Out of courtesy for both of our time, please inform me of any cancellations with as much notice as possible. The time that was set reserved for you is time that I cannot get back either.  Please note that upon cancellation your deposit is also forfeit as it is used to secure your time.


A well groomed, showered and fresh smelling man is one of my biggest turn-ons.  I just love a man that knows how to dress, is freshly showered and smelling great.  In return, I will always be looking and smelling great! I tend to use a light fragrance.  if you have sensitivity to fragrances, please let me know, and I will be fragrance free for you.

Travel Etiquette

  • I am available for travel both domestically and internationally.  Whether you want extra company on a business trip or just need a vacation partner to explore a destination.
  • All trip arrangements are to be covered by you. I also insist on first or business class travel accommodations.
  • All rooming arrangements are covered by you.
  • Please allow me at least two hours of private time to beautify myself for whatever our plans may entail
  • I know we will have a lot of fun, but let’s try and enjoy six to eight hours of undisturbed beauty sleep.
  • Please take note that I may need to sporadically check my phone for personal reasons.  I will keep this brief and infrequent.
  • If you need discretion, I am happy to make the reservations on our behalf.  Of course this requires payment for these charges upfront.
Border Design

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